WhAT are they FOR US?

Above all, it's our family.

They are our babies that we love, we educate, we cherish and who are with un for better and for worse!  

We play together, we sleep together, we eat together too ...

Where do they come from?

All our cats come directly from Russia and more precisely from Moscow from 4 different catteries

And now, 

let's talk about

serious things

All our cats have the pedigrees established in Russia and they are all registered in LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins). They are the descendants of great lines of Champions, Great Champions, European Champions and World Champions.


Regarding health, you should know that the Siberian is a rustic and relatively young breed, that is to say that the real Siberians very rarely get sick. The only genetic disease sought in Siberian cats is PKDef (Deficiency in Pyruvate Kinase), present in 4% of cats.


All of our Siberians have been tested negative for PKDef.

But also for IVF (acquired cat immunodeficiency syndrome) and FILV (feline leukosis).

Their parents had been tested negative for PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) and HCM (Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy).


Research has shown that Siberians produce less protein, called Fel d 1, responsible for allergies in humans. Despite this, it seems prudent to invite you to spend time with our Siberians before considering an adoption.


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