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We have kittens available


How to adopt them?

There is no more crisp than a little kitten ball of hair with blu eyes! Yet adoption is a serious commitment that should not be taken lightly. Your cat will stay with you for years, he will need your love, your time and a living environment adapted to his needs. We will only give our babies to trusted people.


On our side, we will take care of the education of the kitten (with his mom of course) until the age of 3 months. It will leave identified by microchip, vaccinated (first vaccine and booster) and dewormed. The day of departure, you will be given an invoice and a notice regarding the needs of a Siberian cat in terms of food and care.

You will receive his certificate of definitive identification one to two weeks later. Concerning his registering at the LOOF and if the pedigree is not yet available at the moment of sale, you will be given a copy of the acknowledgment of receipt of his application with a 6-digit file number and description of the kitten for which a pedigree has been requested (name, race, color, identification number) to prove that the request has been made to the LOOF.


On your side, you will pay a deposit of 30% of the price at the time of booking and the balance on the day of departure.


As for the prices, they depend above all on the category of the kitten: for company, for breeding or for exhibitions. Thank you for approaching us in order to discuss it.

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